sigh – Ethics on the web

Well, addressing Linda’s previous post…
It is true that many people are taking heads from sites without properly citing them. While she did not write it in the most polite manner, the comments are quite shocking…

Of course it is easy to be rude online. We won’t be able to track you down, you aren’t speaking to us face to face. But as you read this and comment, just think about what you are saying. Is it something you would say face to face to someone in reality? In most cases… No.

Everyone gets frustrated by things, I understand, I do too and often start writing awful comments but realize, hey, will that make anyone feel better? Nah.

I’m not trying to act like a counsellor or a parent or anything but, just think about what you post and comment on the web. You aren’t always going to get away with it, and it definitely isn’t improving your character.

These are simply ethics that you learn as you grow as a person and they are still existent on the web

thank you,

this is beautiful ^ -lin xoxooxoxox clara

stealers smh

u noobs (not everyone. just the stealers, incase most of you misinterpret and rage comment below) literally get heads from our site and like recolor one eye, remove our watermarks and say “I worked very hard on this hope u enjoy!!! give credit please” tf nga don’t expect credit when yo ass be stealing like tf, doesn’t even make sense, lol. anyways, damn u sure did work your ass off by copying and pasting the first frame of the back of the head to the watermarked back. OMGHG PRO GFXERs!! so many sites i see that make these crappy ass edits like shade half of the face black and change one eye color and basically claim the head as theirs. smh shove that up your ass and your shitty skills. like if u suck, at least don’t suck at giving credit. literally can name about 10 sites off my head that do small ass edits and never credit

yes i may be a bitch bc you’re being a shitty stealer #truthhurts

(Wa)Tanuki’s Head


Uber cute head <3

Originally posted on YukiMoon GFX For Graal Era:

Hoolyyyy crap ;-; crappy head I made on my vacations (Like in August uh…) That’s a Tanuki head (= Racoon Head), but a japanese one of course xD I got inspired of Watanuki‘s Youkai form from Inu x Boku (Aww he’s so sweet and funny xD)… Yep… Uh I precise: I did not made a matching body, it was just for fun, you see. Plus I did not even find any matching body to recolor or edit a bit… Just see the dimensions of the head, good luck for finding a matching body…

I made it, okay ? Give credits if you ever use it or edit it, thanks.

No edit or credit list since I made it by scratch, lol.


(Watanuki’s Youkai form only)





Do not erase my watermark

Do not select “Set Transparency” for the head.

Don’t hesitate to comment if the head…

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Thot (Linda’s Heads)

thotblackthotbrownthotblonde   thotblackbangthotbrownbangthotlightpinkbangthotpurplebangthotredbangthotwhitebang

Howdy everyone. Here are Linda’s heads. Let me tell you why the watermark says thot.
As you know, we had submissions open to gfx artists that wanted to apply. Linda thought it would be funny to apply as a person called ‘thotnisha’ .__. Thotnisha (linda) fooled us for a couple weeks. Anyways.
Here are thotnisha’s beautiful heads <3

By the way, as I mentioned before, I am getting a lot of submissions from people, but AS I SAID,
You must also send samples of your work
If you do not send samples, we will ignore your submission.

Thank you~

Purple Flame Heads (clara) – and more ~ always adding more

hey so here are the promised boy heads :)
original head from lucygraal – lindas face huehue and added a flame gif (: lemme know if you would like the flame in different colors ~ comment below or shoot me an email (

the scarf may not be accepted because it could pose as an extra? but just keep uploading it until an admin accepts it xD trust me it works.

-____- omfg it took me 4 hours to do these heads so YA XD giveeee creditttttt or ill come and haunt you .-.
Give Credit Give Credit Give Credit Give Credit Give Credit Give Credit 

braids (linduh)


 i had these done ages ago but clara never uploaded them for me but i think i edited them off zoeygraalxoxo or smth. anyways, enjoy and give credits lmao or imma watermark my big ass name all over and stuff. i saw some of the applications and id say the one who really got my eye was thotnisha (this is for you bby) and she/he is actually good. i wish you guys could see some of thotnisha’s heads but clara doesnt approve him/her ugh. also some HOE named LOLA(VliVilV) on graal decided to say she made the previous heads ive edited :-) shoutout to you