omg bruh

o geez i totally forgot about this site but dang i found it again and wow it makes me sad to see it. cant believe how many views and followers we have on here like omggg even after we stopped posting, we still get views somehow. part of me wants to start posting again and hit 1 million hahaha idkthat might be a stretch. who knows mannn. i dont graal no more but i kinda miss gfx!! but i just wanted to say hi to yall and hope yall r doing well <3 :’) o boii. toodles~


Aussie Girls Eyeshadow Blink

Good afternoon :)
School is over! I had a strong inkling to do some gfx today, even though I haven’t really done any in over two years. It was a bit of a struggle seeing as I hadn’t done any for a while, had to reteach myself some basics… not gonna deny that I lost my temper a few times xD but it was still relaxing in a way? feels good to do some creative stuff. Anyways, didnt totally create new heads, I decided to ease myself into this world — baby steps. So I added the classic eyeshadow to some heads I uploaded a long time ago! Im not gonna do 100000 diff colors if theyre not even going to be used, so gimme a shout (comment below) if there is a color you’d really appreciate hehe and I’ll upload it asap.

OH and if you think because us admins havent uploaded in a while means that you can steal our gfx and claim to have made it without us knowing, you’re wrong ;) so, fix that while you’re at it aight, you know who you are. we’re watching^^

But hey, its been a while since we started up this website… thank you to those who still check our website :) its great knowing that ppl still appreciate our work! I went on graal yesterday for the first time in a long time… hasn’t changed much has it? dunno. Ill go on in a few mins I think to check it out. rip my pk skills, can’t do anything anymore. you can find me on graal my names Clara.k im in the guild nostrilsalon if you wanna find me quickly. happy graaling :D


Good Afternoon/Morning/Evening



Been a while, eh?
There hasn’t been much excitement on this site has there…

I’d love to say that I won’t let you down and post as soon as I can, but I’m much too busy with school.
I know that when I graduate I’ll have the opportunity to, so we’ll see then right?

I hope graal is as great a place as it was, allowing you to escape what troubles you have weighing you down for just a slight moment. =)

If you are looking for other sites to visit, you will find a page with a list of others’ gfx sites. Take a look!

Take care, stay healthy,

hi (Linda)

Head I edited long time ago. Decided to do these crappy recolors today. Credits to original owner (seriously have no idea who it is. comment if it’s yours). I know I messed up a tiny bit on the recoloring on one frame of the blonde and brown, sorry. too lazy to fix. Enjoy xx.

image (12)image (10)image (11)image (13)