~Linda’s Heads~

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woo lindas got some pretty heads:)
please dont get OCD -(clara)


hey small edit but credits to kelsie and the wonderful zaffre (oops how do you spell it?o.o) from llclassic wordpress! hope you enjoy. give credits (linda) toodles~ BROKE MY PR IN THE MILE WOOO

ayeee (linda)

hay guys I’m not dead, and i have been working on some heads. most of them are uncomplete or untouched because i simply am too lazy to post or finish them :-D but ya, no sweat, i got some on my ipad. don’t expect much from me anymore, I’m busy and life>graal. also, it’s track season so it cuts even more time.


later ngasss


uh… well I don’t think we’re that motivated anymore.

I’ll get something started soon.. :P
Idk about the rest. Frost? Linda? Julie?

Just thought I’d let you know we haven’t forgotten about the website… just on a break i guess




It’s been a while. My apologies.

ahhaha i’ve had these for a while, but idk what kinda blink you guys want, so comment below or email me for a request. :P

(I put the blonde one again to remind u)


bak bxtches (Linda)

haaay thot that was the last of me, huh?? (-;;

no0pe :) actually i have like 10 heads edited on my ipad but yanno i feel lazy sending them to the computer and then uploading

creds; kelsie

i decided to try sumthing new so idk if you guys will like it



give credits you chumps & set trans



ok i decided to only do the girl head bc the boy one gave me aids and i only watermarked the part where you die so youre welcome that i didnt do the one where you get hit and credit to kelsiesgfx for template

dont set trans


smh cri

smh smh1

linda and julie r criticizing me help pls