Purple Flame Heads (clara)

hey so here are the promised boy heads :)
original head from lucygraal – lindas face huehue and added a flame gif (: lemme know if you would like the flame in different colors ~ comment below or shoot me an email (claragraal@hotmail.com)

the scarf may not be accepted because it could pose as an extra? but just keep uploading it until an admin accepts it xD trust me it works.

-____- omfg it took me 4 hours to do these heads so YA XD giveeee creditttttt or ill come and haunt you .-.
Give Credit Give Credit Give Credit Give Credit Give Credit Give Credit 

braids (linduh)


 i had these done ages ago but clara never uploaded them for me but i think i edited them off zoeygraalxoxo or smth. anyways, enjoy and give credits lmao or imma watermark my big ass name all over and stuff. i saw some of the applications and id say the one who really got my eye was thotnisha (this is for you bby) and she/he is actually good. i wish you guys could see some of thotnisha’s heads but clara doesnt approve him/her ugh. also some HOE named LOLA(VliVilV) on graal decided to say she made the previous heads ive edited :-) shoutout to you


hi guys, sorry for the lack of posts.. i cant do gfx anymore. sorry if you dont like these im gonna try to make more soon, but iim going to he cottage tomorrow so unlikely until afer the 18th. For this head I just edited the typical noob head and mainly changed the bangs, idk if i like it.

i stole some colors from linda hehe ;-) thanks bae we got married.


sowwy sowwy

Hey Everyone,
I haven’t posted recently, and I said I would be posting boy heads…. I’m sorry I’ve been doing all these requests from y’all so I haven’t had the time to do them yet. I will try to soon, unless some of you little poops continue asking for requests -.-
I know its my fault since I never say no -.- but ehm… I don’t think I’ll be taking requests until I get these boy heads on…

Anyways :D
Thanks everyone for your submissions, we are still looking at em. We will be having a new male admin join us very soon so thats gonna be good  :D I won’t tell you who yet cuz its a surprise ;)

As well as this male addition, we are making our decisions for another admin 0: so stay posted. (could be a guy or a girl ;) who knows)

Hope everyones having a fantabulous summer, oh and JULIE PROMISED SHE WAS GONNA POST SO HAHA GET READY

Linda’s heads & Bodies cuz im her slave ._.

LOL hey there! these are old ass ugly heads from my fetus days of gfx (sigh) well hooe you enjoy! thanks again, clara, for posting for me since i don’t have the access;) well i do, but uploading from my ipad will make it .jpeg and thatd be blurry asf. the toast body(ghetto af) was from this body on depot and the heads are from someone i forgot, but credits to her. -linda xx

image image[1] image[2] image[3] image[4]
image[5] image[6] image[7] image[8] image[9]

We Are Looking for New Active Members (: – send exemplars to emails

Dear all,
At ‘LinnyClaragfx’, we thrive to acquire unique, ingenious, beautiful heads. With this goal in mind, we have been hoping to attract a few more members to achieve this.
When applying for a spot, ask yourself the following questions:

– Are you able to create a head from scratch, or make BIG edits?
– Do you see yourself as a creative person?
– Do you enjoy making graal customs?
– Would you be willing to post at least once a month?
– Are you a conscientious person?
– Will you be crediting others for their hard work that you have been using to create a custom?
– Will you be able to cooperate with your fellow admins?
– Are you comfortable speaking in English? (At least a bit. It does not have to be your mother tongue :P)

After completing the form, send 4 exemplars of your work to ALL the following emails:
(Be honest, do not claim others’ work as your own. If it is a big edit, please credit the original maker)

♧ claragraal@hotmail.com
♧ linny405@yahoo.com