Good Afternoon/Morning/Evening



Been a while, eh?
There hasn’t been much excitement on this site has there…

I’d love to say that I won’t let you down and post as soon as I can, but I’m much too busy with school.
I know that when I graduate I’ll have the opportunity to, so we’ll see then right?

I hope graal is as great a place as it was, allowing you to escape what troubles you have weighing you down for just a slight moment. =)

If you are looking for other sites to visit, you will find a page with a list of others’ gfx sites. Take a look!

Take care, stay healthy,

hi (Linda)

Head I edited long time ago. Decided to do these crappy recolors today. Credits to original owner (seriously have no idea who it is. comment if it’s yours). I know I messed up a tiny bit on the recoloring on one frame of the blonde and brown, sorry. too lazy to fix. Enjoy xx.

image (12)image (10)image (11)image (13)



hi yall
we really need some new artists to keep the juices flowing

so hit us up on email with a few of your edits

probably will be posting stuff before end of april
sorry mates

btw who else loves arashi

Recruits – SUBMIT WORK!!!!!11!!!

ONCE AGAIN, as I have mentioned several times, if you are going to apply to join our website, you must send us several samples of your work – Otherwise we will simply ignore your submission.
Thank you,
Have a great week – ik i will since its my birthday on tuesdaaaaay:D