It’s been a while. My apologies.

ahhaha i’ve had these for a while, but idk what kinda blink you guys want, so comment below or email me for a request. :P

(I put the blonde one again to remind u)


bak bxtches (Linda)

haaay thot that was the last of me, huh?? (-;;

no0pe :) actually i have like 10 heads edited on my ipad but yanno i feel lazy sending them to the computer and then uploading

creds; kelsie

i decided to try sumthing new so idk if you guys will like it



give credits you chumps & set trans



ok i decided to only do the girl head bc the boy one gave me aids and i only watermarked the part where you die so youre welcome that i didnt do the one where you get hit and credit to kelsiesgfx for template

dont set trans


smh cri

smh smh1

linda and julie r criticizing me help pls



such a cute body :’) had to share! go visit ramengfx.wordpress.com

Originally posted on Ramengfx!:



I’ve obsessed with Kirby ever since I saw him!

He is a pink blob of adorableness :3 So I took this body off of linnyclara.wordpress.com

(It was just a blank black dress thing) and put Kirby on it!

I have nooo idea if this body will be accepted due copyright, but if it is, its okay :(

Enjoy ><‘,

Ramen <3

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Merry Christmas!

Hello! Julie here, Merry Christmas! sorry this is a little late! well for x mas idk if you guys care but if not just skip to the gfx, i got 257 gifts which consisted of

-47 hats (many are horrible asf lol)

-30+ furniture

-22,000 gralats

-22 “items“ (ex. bouncy balls, hulas etc.)

-4 mounts

-4 bombs

anyways! here are a couple of heads, i got the template of kelsie`s gfx site (loveee it) and im pretty sure the original template is a head on graal, hope you llike it. (Original template off kelsiesgfx.wordpress.com, last file) also if you could answer the poll below that would be helpful:) ty give credit