hi yall
we really need some new artists to keep the juices flowing

so hit us up on email with a few of your edits

probably will be posting stuff before end of april
sorry mates

btw who else loves arashi


So, These are edits from Pastelgothgfx  The original head is at the bottom. :)
Please give credit – be honest – Spent a while on them so ye
:P Might make more versions if y’all like it – don’t forget to give me some feedback!
Oh and, if you want the extensions on a different body – I might have time to do it for you if you comment or send me an email.

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inori-head-yui – Yui’s Head from Pastelgothgfx

Chance to Feature Your Blog!


Happy 2016 Everyone!!!
We hope you are all happy and healthy :)
For starting gfx artists out there, or artists that would simply like to be featured on our site, how would you like to have one of your posts on our site?
COMMENT below or EMAIL ME – claragraal@hotmail.com
with the LINK to the post that you wish to be reblogged on our site:)
Two posts will be chosen, and the window will close by Saturday 8:00AM (GMT+1) – This being 2:00AM for the east coast of America, 11:00PM for west coast of America… 3:00PM in Singapore I believe… you get the idea!

Choose your submission wisely:) Original gfx will be chosen