lol oops


i forgot a head and its supposed to be pepper from american horror story: asylum

and yes, shes supposed to be ugly wink wink her hair looks like a piece of shit too ;D

dont set trans




((so these are the only halloween heads i could think of making oops sorry))


((these arent the halloween heads btw))

halloween is in 3 weeks and i dont think im going trick or treating this year bc my parents think im too old like wth? im a fifth grader so that means i DRINK WEED AND SMOKE THAT ALCOHOL BLAZE 420!!1!1 LOLA(inside joke kinda) JKJK im 13 ;) ok so yeah this is probably the only time i’ll be able to post for a long time bc im grounded but i might sneak on some time oops

dont set trans and happy graaloween!!1!1!!(not i hope u all die) just keeding


cri (iFrost)

tbh i think linda broke the computer so she can quit gfx!1!!1! anyways u could still do gfx on artstudio duh



ok so i got the original from graal depot

dont set trans AND GIVE CREDIT OR I’LL KMS

k bye -iFrost

bye. (Linda)

So my mom broke my laptop screen. Which means, i can’t do gfx anymore, until i get a new one. Which i probably won’t. So yea, byeeee. I dunno if this is a good or bad thing.

wtf… she has to get you a new one, she broke and it and you need it for stuff. dont u need it for school as well? ;p Linda you gotta find a way. (Clara)


Ideas please!! (Linda)

Woah… I just realized that we have 142 followers of this site O_o

Thanks to everyone who followed this site ^_^. And we are close to 200k views .3.

We should do a 200k views special… Sorry if our 1 year anniversary post let you guys down xD. I might be busier from now on… Like I’m maybe on the edge of failing Geometry… Hopefully I can redeem myself -3- (I have a shitty ass teacher, so idk whose fault it is).

Anyways, any ideas? Please comment below if you guys have any…:( Out of all the “ideas” posts I’ve posted, like no one commented below xD. Help please? 3:

I’ll try to get some guy heads down. Just remember, I’m not good at them…Sorry. It’s cause I’m not a guy and idek what guys prefer *_*

I’ll try to post this weekend! Ideas will be greatly appreciated.

For now, have a great week! One more day till the weekends(;

ribbons ensemble (Clara)

ribbongirlensembleRED ribbongirlensembleORANGI ribbongirlensembleBROWN ribbongirlensembleBLONDE

ok so i mashed up a head from cookiesgraal and a head from a friend. -.- did that stupid ribbon over and over took so long. Anyways o.O if you want more colors .. comment below. or if you want me to make em blink etc.

D: can’t wait till christmas already lmfao



Hello Viewers :D

:/ so i got a macbookair to replace my pc (dropped it and screen shattered) and downloaded gimp and tried to do some stuff but its so hard on here >.<!!

I think ill try again on my smashed pc. 

So i just wanted to let you (and my beloved linda :” xD) know that I’m actually active.

My apologies for my anniversary posts, really lazy shit.. T^T I’ll redeem myself

Once I have my heads done I’ll post em below