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okay so ik these arent thanksgiving related so whatever so the body (WHICH I FOKN SPENT HOURS ON) is supposed to look like erza scarlets body?? and the head(s) i made before to look like hers sucked so i made new ones but they dont look like her so sma and move on k bye

dont set trans



sooooo these are from my old site lmao not even go say it cause it was embarrassing asf but i decided to just recolor this body i made awhile back into christmas colors.. sorry (btw ignore the bri part i edited the body off of her old body she let  me use!) -julieeeee

xmas2 xmas xmas1

Blue Flowa :D



So um I got free trial of photoshop so I tried out some editing XD its not that bad actually. I hope you guys like the flower idk I enjoyed making it. But um. Here do this poll and then i’ll see if i should make more color options and mayhaps add blink o.O

so face is obviously from frost :)

suprise (Linda)

image (1) image (2) image (3) image (4) image (5) image

haaaa, didnt think i’d be posting? it honestly sucks of thinking to never doing gfx again. and it sucks even more that i have to use the shitty artstudio on my ipad instead of using my laptop, which is waaay easier. well good news, i MIGHT be getting a laptop from the black friday sale from walmart or something lmaoo.! But yea, credits to kelsie for the original head (:

-btw i can only do small, shitty edits because it’s hard to do stuff on artstudio, terribly sorry for that. anyways, hope you enjoy it :D

-give credit

-not like anybody will tho lmfao^