Ideas please!! (Linda)

Woah… I just realized that we have 142 followers of this site O_o

Thanks to everyone who followed this site ^_^. And we are close to 200k views .3.

We should do a 200k views special… Sorry if our 1 year anniversary post let you guys down xD. I might be busier from now on… Like I’m maybe on the edge of failing Geometry… Hopefully I can redeem myself -3- (I have a shitty ass teacher, so idk whose fault it is).

Anyways, any ideas? Please comment below if you guys have any…:( Out of all the “ideas” posts I’ve posted, like no one commented below xD. Help please? 3:

I’ll try to get some guy heads down. Just remember, I’m not good at them…Sorry. It’s cause I’m not a guy and idek what guys prefer *_*

I’ll try to post this weekend! Ideas will be greatly appreciated.

For now, have a great week! One more day till the weekends(;

Old head. (Linda)

I edited the original one for an old “friend”. I’m sure she wouldn’t care anymore, since she didn’t want the pigtails version. Also, I believe I’d have full permission to post it anyways, since I edit like all her heads for her xD.  Anyways, I changed the face a little, in case she’ll get mad or something.

I believe that the rest of the credits go to Kelsie xp !

And thanks to Clara for helping me put it in .gif, so it blinks!((blush)) When it closes its eyes, it’s kinda slow, but it was my fault for telling Clara the wrong ms >:0

Also a special thanks to Frost for attempting to do it, but I wasted 20mins of his life he can never get back ;-;

((only the pink one blinks. if you want any other color to blink, comment below.))

Two more things. I hope you know who you are, but stop like stealing my signature, lmfao. I mean, you should get your own signature or something on the head, instead of erasing “Linda” and have your name by the heart. Be original or something. No name(s), because it’ll prob hurt your feelings, lmfao. But yea, I hate seeing it. Lastly, this might sound rude, but I’ve been wanting to say it for a while. This is directed to a certain website. Stop doing these half-assed edits…lmfao. Like you color half of the face black or add a smile to one of our heads on the website, and be like “Enjoy!!<3″ The hell? I literally go hunting sites for proper credits lmfao. I asked this one girl to give credits to linnyclaragfx, but she was like “Oh sorry! Couldn’t remember the owner” Okay, she has done like 6 half-assed edits on my heads. I’m sure she sees “Linda” on the back. Out of all the times she posted, I don’t even think she credited any. Not just edits off my heads, but other websites’ heads. Please be better than this.

pinky        blackyreddybrownyblondeywhitey

Please Credit To Clara & Me.


Linnyclaragfx! Thanks~<3

ribbons ensemble (Clara)

ribbongirlensembleRED ribbongirlensembleORANGI ribbongirlensembleBROWN ribbongirlensembleBLONDE

ok so i mashed up a head from cookiesgraal and a head from a friend. -.- did that stupid ribbon over and over took so long. Anyways o.O if you want more colors .. comment below. or if you want me to make em blink etc.

D: can’t wait till christmas already lmfao



Hello Viewers :D

:/ so i got a macbookair to replace my pc (dropped it and screen shattered) and downloaded gimp and tried to do some stuff but its so hard on here >.<!!

I think ill try again on my smashed pc. 

So i just wanted to let you (and my beloved linda :” xD) know that I’m actually active.

My apologies for my anniversary posts, really lazy shit.. T^T I’ll redeem myself

Once I have my heads done I’ll post em below 


Happy 1 Year Anniversary! (Our lovely admins c;)


Happy 1 year anniversary to linnyclaragfx! :) When I first starteed with Clara, we had no idea it’ll pass 100k views! Our gfx skills gradually improved from time to time ;) But yeaaaa, thanks alot guys! Credits to original owners for those heads. I cannot remember them all, but I think the first set is from Kelsiscarletfilla, so is the second one and last, the 3rd is from Lucy, and the last one is also from Kelsiegfx! The last 4 heads are kinda ugly, sorry xD. That’s what happens when I’m out of idea xp. Credits to us please if you use or edit! If you want any recolors, or any to blink, feel free to leave a message in the comments! Sorry if this wasn’t alot of heads. I had waaaay more, but they’re like not even finished. Ehehehe, my bad x3 - Linda <3


bow1bow2bow3bbow3 bbow2 bbow1 bbbow3 bbbow2 bbbow1MatchGirlMatchGuyaussiegirlblack aussiegirlbrown aussiegirlblondeblondeedit3 blondeedit4 blondeedit5 blondeedit6

Sorry about these heads theyre are all kinda similar and i didnt really know what to do so yeah sorry :( I will have more heads to post soon! HAPPY 1 YEAR LINNYCLARA GFX! Im very proud of you all. Im glad I was invited to the site and I hope you guys enjoy me presence (creepy sounding)

-LOVE JULIET aka julie aka olivia sigh


editfromtamsenblackeditfromtamsenblondeditfromtamsenbrowneditfromtamsenwhiteeditfromtamsenred        girltoboyblackgirltoboyblondgirltoboybrowngirltoboyredgirltoboywhite        idkblackidkblondidkbrunetteidkredidkwhite


sorry the blue one sucks ass so credit to original owners cant remember but i think the first was from tamsen the third from diamondgraal? so yeah dont set trans k bye o and hAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY i remember trying to apply to join but they thought i sucked too much and theyre right LOL


these are iFrost’s heads that he posted, but moronic, stupid Julie deleted them on ‘accident’ LOL ily Julie, you dork -Linda.


wonderclaragingerwonderclarablonde     tumblr_inline_mlsj6pslhz1qz4rgp       armorblonde armorbrown armorginger

Hey! Happy Anniversary! Linda and I started this site a year ago just following a dream lmfao. I remember Linda being keen on starting a gfx site and I decided to take interest as well and start it up with her. I know I haven’t been very active… I’ll be be more active I promise. 
Edited from Wondergfx & added face of lucygraal
Boy heads – found in files from a year ago so i’m not sure :c im sorry
Dw I will add more as I go, I need to put my files on my other laptop since my laptop screen is bashed now -_-
I’m not sure if ill be able to in the next following days since I’ll be on a school trip, but they will be there this weekend.