sigh… (Linda)

Hello guys. So I’ve wanted to say this for a while… I know you guys hate it when I have “Linda,” or “Lin,” on the back of my heads. I have my reasons for it. I know guys hate it when I have like “Linda,” on the back, because they’ll look “gay,” apparently. I do this to prevent stealing. Yes, you can copy and past the main back view on the part where my name is, to cover it up. You guys right now are probably like, “Woman, idc about your ranting shit. Just post more heads.” No, let me have my moment too. You guys just don’t realize that I, yes, me, Linda, take MY own PERSONAL time out of my life to do gfx. I usually do it for the fun of it, and to provide graalians with customs. I love it when I see alot of people wearing my heads and enjoying it. BUT, I do not like those who have my head, that goes around saying they made it and etc. I despise those types of people. Is the world gonna end if you give credit? No.  Are you gonna die if you simply just give credits to the rightful owners? No. Does giving the right credits even take effort? No. It’s so simple to give credit, but half of you retards on this game think you’re going to Hell and back just to say “I didn’t make this head,” or “Linda made it.”

If you aren’t one of those pathetic gfx stealers, I’m sorry if you’re reading this xD. Today I just met this immature girl named “BuBBles Dallas NeoNISSEXY<3,” whatever her name is. Checked out her site, expectingg some nice heads. Instead, I found MY heads that I edited and took time on. All she did was change the mouth and removed my name from the back. No credits or whatsoever. You guys might think, “Why are you mad because she didn’t give credits to original owner? She did edit it, so she didn’t have to.” Nope. Recoloring a head or removing the name off the back, is really not considered “editing,” and you should give credit, since you did nothing but recolor, when the original owner done a lot of editing. Then she cussed/raged and etc, very mature of her, right? Instead of talking reasonably with me, she  talks like a 1o year old. This is sad. No offense to 10 year olds. She just wouldn’t admit she got the original from my site. She kept denying and lying, saying I was not the original owner. You know, I’m very quite sure of how my own works look like. I’m not stupid, lmao. Blocked her, and she got on her alternative acc to rage :,). Blocked, and then she goes on another acc. Sigh. See, it’s hard to edit/make heads, but it’s just so easy to steal. And those who steal are usually those no skilled, lying retards. Good job for being unhonest people. Pat on the back :).

Now here’s some male heads. Got original from Graal Depot. If you want different eye colors, just shoot me a pm on Graal (Look in the Contacts Page for my profile.) Or comment below.  All blinks. The second ones does.



Give credit…

Give credit.


previewidk I found the head and I already started editing so I think I might finish it up? Please vote in the poll so I know what to do heh. thx

Linda Told Me to Post This cx

So…. This was one of my old heads, and Linda told me I should post it since I’m not going to use it anymore. Credits to for the original head. This head was suppose to be another version of the noob girl head. If its ugly, I’m sorry, I can’t do anything about my crap ass gfx. Hope you guys enjoy it ;D <3



First Post (Kimmy)

Hai cx This is my first post, and I decided to edit this head, from

I changed the face up a bit, and recolored the hair to pink.



Might do recoloring if I feel like it cx! Hope you guys like my crappy gfx. ;D

New Head

Okay, so in the poll I know majority wanted colorful heads and normal colored but I originally did it in blonde and recolored it to black and brown and it looked bad. Then I tried pink and blue, and only decent ones were blonde and pinkish so sorry that there are only 2 heads for today :( I’ll be posting more. && this is an edit I got the one head template off graal depot from a noob head and another off

GIVE CREDIT thx -Julie